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Do you know Yahoo? We are sure you do. That’s why youll immediately understand what TUT.BY is if we tell you that in our country it stands for Yahoo!

TUT.BY is the most visited portal in Belarus where the online community is more than 2 000 000 people. The site is visited daily by 700 000 users. The number of visits is increasing monthly by 9,8% (on average), traffic is growing by 15%. A great number of users – a great number of tastes and interests. And we do our best to satisfy everyone! Every day we provide people with fresh news and free e-mail service; we develop TUT.BY-TV creating our own television projects and making interesting journalistic research; we give an opportunity to find a new interesting job, to create a new blog and to leave a commentary on a message board; we keep users informed concerning cultural events and new online games; we rejoice them with a list of existing online shops and a possibility to become a member of belorussian social network; and, certainly, we continue brainstorming ideas for new projects doing our utmost to put them into effect as soon as possible. Thats why, pursuing the goal to be informative and entertaining, TUT.BY generates monthly terabytes of traffic!

TUT.BY e-Business Center

TUT.BY is aimed at the implementation of modern Internet possibilities and other information technologies into business and peoples everyday life.

On this basis, e-Business Center provides the following services:

  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Software implementation and support
  • Software localization
  • Web-advertising
  • Web-hosting & Domain registration
  • E-commerce project administration and support
  • E-marketing
From the very beginning of its existence, TUT.BY makes money providing customers with services of web-advertising, web-design, software development and web-hosting. McDonald's, Coca Cola, Nestle, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Epam Systems, LG, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, BAUER International, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, BelSwissBank, Belteleradiocompany, VELCOM, Mobile TeleSystems Company and thousands of other international and local enterprises have already become our clients. You may be the next!

Investor Relations

As we started our activity in the year of 2000, we had already been aware of the peculiarities of such business being witnesses of the Internet fever in the 90-ies.

TUT.BY is probably the only dotcom project in the world which started returning the invested money already after 2 years of its existence! In the autumn of 2002 we closed all the quarters with positive balance and continued reinvesting in the directions that bring immediate return only. Thats why, we are constantly growing. However, in order to fulfill far-reaching purposes and to develop new web-services, to make our growth faster and, finally, to strengthen our leading position in the market, we need more funds.

TUT.BY represents a registered trademark of Reliable Software Inc. established in 1992.

Reliable Software, Ltd.

57 Dzerzhinskogo Ave., 8th floor, office 40-1
Minsk, Belarus, 22008
Tel./fax:+375 17 239-57-02

E-mail: welcome@tutby.com

If there are any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. You are welcome at any time!

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TUT.BY e-Business Center
57 Dzerzhinskogo Av., 9th Floor | 220005 Minsk | Belarus
Tel. +375 (29) 645.14.30 Fax +375 (17) 239.57.99
E-mail: welcome@tutby.com